Etrigan the Demon

This is my second customizing attempt at Etrigan. The first was in the TJ/JLA scale, and can be seen here: TJ Etrigan. This custom is an amalgam of the various artists' interpretations of the character. The biggest influence was the BTAS version. This is obviously not an animated-style custom, but I like the sheer bulk the character had in the cartoon. You can get an idea of the scale by comparison with the DC Heroes Batman shown below.

The parts I used are as follows:
  • Abomination head and cape
  • Paul White Maximum Sweat body
  • Onslaught Wolverine hands
  • plastic bat wings for ears
  • Electro-spark Spiderman spikes for horns

  • I used Magic Sculp for the boot cuffs, shirt sleeve ends, and back of the hands. The spiked bracelets are rubber bands with toothpick points stuck through and glued on.

    The shirt, boots and cape were dry-brushed, while the yellow skin tones were washed to create a shadowed effect. I would have dry-brushed the skin also, but the yellow-on-brown scheme I was using didn't work too well. I had to mask off the different colored sections while dry-brushing. It took me nearly two months to muster the willpower to finish painting this thing...Ugh.