Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy started out as a simple repaint of a Grey Hulk figure. As I got into it though, a fair amount more work was required. First I had to make him an inch taller to meet the requisite 7' 2" character height. I did this by adding a half an inch to both calves and thighs, and filling with Magic Sculp. I trimmed the jacket down, removed the tie, and sculpted some sleeves and hair onto the figure.

The paint job is my now standard drybrush. It required some careful masking to keep the crisp edges. For the zombie-like skintone, I started with a charcoal grey base and drybrushed with dolphin gray.

Here is our dear departed Solomon about to flatten Red Superman. I think my version of Grundy is a little on the bulky side, but it seems that he has appeared more that way recently (as have most characters).