Metallo is my first foray into the 6" scale for DC figures. I had been wanting to make a Metallo custom for a long time, but could never come up with a base that I was happy with. I saw a small cameo picture of him in the Underworld Unleashed story, and thought, "where have I seen that face before?" Then it struck me - the Missle Flyers Apocolypse. I had bought this figure on sale a long time ago and thrown it in a box because it was so weird-looking.

The custom is basically a repaint. I sanded down and filled a hole that was in the chest cavity. I also sculpted the "skull" nose. The paint job was done entirely (except the eyes and teeth) by drybrushing. I first painted the figure flat black, then drybrushed metallic silver on top. I finished with gloss acrylic clear coat to enhance the armored effect.

This custom took only a few hours total to create (my shortest ever!), yet I am very happy with it. There is a photo below with the DC Heroes Supes to get an idea of the scale.