Iron Man

I have been wanting an Iron Man figure in his sleek red and gold armor, and it is pretty obvious that Toy Biz is not going to deliver in the forseeable future. This custom was made from a Loki body, with shortened arms, legs, and torso. The head is from a Stealth armor Iron Man, and was built up with epoxy clay to make it big enough for the body.

The trickiest part of this custom was coming up with all of the little accessories for the highly recognizable armor. The hip disks were the center of some flower-shaped button thingies - a lucky find. The chest disk is a button. The ear covers are little craft eyes. The palm repulsors are the pupils from the the craft eyes. The articulated armor is from 1/8" wide strips of toothpaste tube glued to the figure. The collar is a piece of rubber. The calf-bands, forearm-bands, and shoulder pieces are epoxy clay.

Even with all of the accessories on the armor, there is still something missing. Can you guess what it is without looking at a reference picture?