Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man was made from a Goldberg head, torso, and upper legs. The arms and lower legs are from Missle Flyers Bishop. The loincloth is a cut-up Doc Oc loincloth. The tank-top and chest emblem are from a toothpaste tube.

The skin tone is a mixture of neon yellow and neon green in an attempt to create a glowing effect. Photos (scans) never seem to be able to recreate neon or flourescent colors. I want to try taking a photo of the figure under a black light to see if it really glows.

Here is a picture of the character if you are not familiar with him. He has been a member of the Masters of Evil among others, and is another Marvel character reaping the benefits of the benevolent effects of massive doses of gamma radiation.

Now, before someone tells me my custom doesn't have the boot cuffs, here is another picture where the character doesn't either. I don't remember anyone wearing boot cuffs in the seventies or eighties. I have no idea why they were so popular in the comics.