The Incredible Hulk


This custom was made from Marvel Legends Hulk figure with fists and lower legs from an older Rampaging(?) Hulk figure. In my view, the ML Hulk figure's arms are too long and lower legs too scrawny, so I shortened and bulked up, respectively. This was going to be the classic "savage" Hulk figure until Toy Biz announced they were making one. So, I went for the newer John Romita Jr. version of the character. He has a shaved head so he won't be recognized. :)

The figure took a ridiculous amount of base, wash, and drybrush coats to get the effect I wanted. Also, the color changed in this photo - his pants are actually green. As you can see below, the replacement legs worked quite nicely with only a little bit of modification.

Created 12/28/03