I made this custom because I did not like the build on the retail black costume Spiderman. This base figure is Parachute(?) Spiderman I believe - great posability. There is a dark blue drybrush to mimic the look of the comic, but it is not very apparent in this photo. Painting the spider emblem was a real pain in the arse.

To avoid paint scrapage, I employed a combination of two techniques. First I colored all of the joints with a black Sharpie marker. I moved each one to see any scrape points, shaved those down, and colored again until I had no scrapage. Then I spray painted the figure black with Krylon Vinyl Color. Finally, I drybrushed the blue and sealed with matte acrylic sealer. The figure has had no paint scrapage, a first for me! This is quite remarkable considering the posability of the figure (see below). Others should try this technique and see if they get the same performance.

Created 12/28/03