A Study in the Scale of Marvel Action Figures

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times -- it was the Spring of 1998. The variety, styling, and detailing of action figures had reached an all time high, and collectors rejoiced. Unfortunately, the figures came in all manners of size. Wolverine towered over Colossus, Jean Grey became an Amazon, and Captain America dwarfed the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. What were the avid, crazed, maniacal toy fans to do?

Well, I decided to undertake the treacherous endeavor of trying to sort out these scale issues. Thus, here are the results of my so-called action figure scale study. Before we begin, if you feel that ALL action figures should be 5" tall, no matter what character they represent, read no further. This information will only frustrate you.

For those of you that are still here, I calculated the actual scale of many popular/controversial Toy Biz action figures and custom figure bases. To make the calculations, I first measured the action figure, compensating for crouching and 'big hair' figures as much as possible. I then compared that with the character height given in trading card and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (OHOTMU) reference information.


Converted 1/14/02