Customizing Work Area

My wife and I decided to give our bedroom a "makeover" which meant that all my cutomizing junk had to find a new home. We have a small walk-in closet, my side of which had piles of comics, figures and accessories. Also, I have a small desk and cabinet I have been using for storing customizing stuff. Well, I cleaned out the closet and built some shelves and put the desk in the closet, making myself a cozy organized customizing work area. Thought you might like to see it, and maybe get some ideas.

The desk has a drawer, a closable, "secretary" type desk and shelves with cabinet doors on top. I keep paints in the front, some work-in-progress figs on the bottom shelf and my customs in the cabinets. On the bookshelves on the right, I keep all my TBPs and comics. On the bookshelves on the left, I keep my comic references and various customizing supplies. On the shelves above the desk, I keep my figure fodder.

The pictures below show more detail:

References, supplies
6" customs

Although it may seem a little much, I try to keep my paints organized as well. It helps me sort through the colors when I am trying to find a match for a particular character's costume, and also helps me avoid buying colors I already have. These are all cheap craft acrylics. You are looking at the bottom of the bottle.