A superb futuristic robotic art gallery in 3D by Felipe Pesantez


I decided to add an art category to this site. The reason is that although many artists draw amazing characters and creatures, they are often original works and not attributed to movies, television or video games. that doesn’t mean they won’t be one day. Take the artist Felipe Pesantez from Deviant art.He has an incredible talent for digital art and some of the most futuristic and robotic characters he has in his portfolio are just awesome. I could easily see any of them in one Peter Jackson film (think District 9).

He also does quick painting, concept art, traditional art, and comics. But today I wanted to focus on his “machine” art. it looks like they are either in some sort of combat desert or in a factory that has just been created.

Felipe’s work has received over 59,000 views and he has been on Deviant Art for 7 years. Check out some of my favorite picks with the headlines below:

You can click on each photo for the actual size

Combat drones


Explorer’s War Machine

Old robot

Drone squad

Robot wars

Grinding unit

Warning drone

Assault mech

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