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Many more sculptures are planned among the 44,000 trees in the Canberra National Arboretum. While there are a few sculptures at the Arboretum already, such as the oft-pictured Nest III atop Dairy Farmers Hill and the striking Wide Brown Land, moves are underway to create a sculpture trail through the 250 site. hectares. A fundraising gala dinner will be held at the Arboretum on Friday, September 3 to kick off the campaign to position more contemporary artwork around what has become one of Canberra’s top tourist attractions. The Forest Sculpture Gallery, a non-profit entity, will feature a growing permanent collection of contemporary and 20th-century sculptures, as well as long-term loaned works, as well as temporary exhibitions and sculpture festivals, all accessible to the public at through the landscape of the arboretum. One of the Arboretum’s early initiators, John Mackay, now patron of the Arboretum Friendship and Ambassador Program, said the sculpture had always been hoped to be part of the Arboretum. “There was an idea that as we brought in the tracks and trails we would provide a sculpture trail,” he said. “It may take a while, but there are plans to have about 20 sculptures over a few years across a trail. Some of them will be permanent and some will be temporary.” The Forest Sculpture Gallery is governed by an advisory committee that provides expert insight, advice, commentary and support to the gallery in developing the collection. The external conservation advisor for is Deborah Clark. Mr Mackay said it was envisioned that the expert panel would help choose the appropriate coins and that while private fundraising is part of the campaign and all donations over $ 2 will be tax deductible, there was also a hope that artists would donate their pieces, which would then become taxes. deductible. “The real key is that it took a while to get tax deductibility,” he said. “So a sculptor could make a sculpture worth $ 100,000, and we would have doubly valued it to make sure it was worth it. They could donate it and use it as a deduction from their own tax. to do for an artist who wishes to exhibit on this emblematic site. We are already working on a couple. Mr. Mackay said the sculptures could also be funded by donations, events and other fundraisers. “We’re not just going to take any old thing that comes along,” he said. stated. “Some will be commissioned, some could be art we see in other places and some will be donated.” There are now five sculptures in the arboretum – Nest III by Richard Moffatt, A Backwards Attitude by Louis Pratt, Wide Brown Land by Marcus Tatton, Futago Design Studios and Chris Viney, and two kinetic sculptures by Kozo Nishino, Breezing in Canberra and In The Stream. The launch of the Forest Sculpture Gallery fundraising dinner will take place on Friday September 3 at the National Arboretum 6:30 pm to 9 pm Tickets are $ 150, including a donation to the cause. They are available at Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to community. Here is how v You can continue to access our trusted content:


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