Kinetic Synth-Kebab Sculpture plays punk sequentially


What’s better than an Atari Punk Console synthesizer? What would you say four Synthesizers Atari Punk Console. And what better way to present them than art sculptures made of brass wire. we would have forgiven [iSax] if he had stopped at four copper wire synths, but he took things to another level with his kinetic sculpture which doubles as a mechanical sequencer. Called Cyclotone – The mechanical punk console sequencer, it features wood, brass, brushes, and 555 timers. You can see the demonstration in the video below the break.

If you are not familiar with the Atari Punk console, this is a circuit first described as a “sound synthesizer” in Forest Mims “Engineer’s Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications” first released. in 1980. It used two 555 timers in a single chip, the 556. Later dubbed “Atari Punk Console,” the circuit has stood the test of time and is still very popular among hackers of all kinds.

[iSax]The construction of adds an element of sequencing that allows synths to be played automatically. The synthesizers are spit 90 degrees to each other on a square peg, which is rotated at variable speed by a stepping motor controlled by a button at the base of the sculpture.

On either side of each synth is a switch that makes contact with scavenged rotating tool brushes that deliver power through the hexagonal brass brackets. Each synth retains its own speaker and controls, and has its own segmented number displayed with discrete LEDs that light up when each synth is played.

We applaud [iSax] for a well-executed and imaginative build that successfully combines circuit sculpting, kinetic sculpting, classic electronics, and even flashing lights. If you enjoyed this version, you should also take a look at a free version of the Atari Punk console and one integrated into a joystick. If you come across a project of any kind that interests you, please let us know via the Tip Line!

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