Lego PAC-MAN kinetic sculpture is one of the best ideas for July


July kicked off in the LEGO Ideas world with the highly anticipated release of the Seinfeld Jerry’s Apartment set. This was then followed by an upcoming sailboat giveaway made by fans with a purchase slated for next month. While it’s not quite August yet, like today, we’re focusing on all of the top models of the month from the crowdfunding site. This time around, we’re taking a look at three notable display pieces, including retro game icons, 400BC artifacts, and more.

PAC-MAN mobile display

One of our favorite creations of the month of July brings together one of the most popular icons in the gaming world. While we’ve seen people like Mario, and soon to be Luigi, step into the brick world, now Builder LiteBricks is giving PAC-MAN a chance to do the same. This movable build assembles a kinetic sculpture similar to the 2019 Forma Koi Fish.

Seeking to mimic the aesthetics of the actual game, there is a black base with blue accents to house the actual mechanic, allowing characters to move up and down. There’s of course PAC-MAN itself, which features a moving mouth, alongside each of the four iconic evil ghosts.

This construction has already succeeded in securing 970 supporters, approaching the target of 10,000. A good start, there are more than 400 days to secure the next step.

Land Ahoy

Pursuing this flaunt-worthy goal, another LEGO Ideas build in July that particularly caught our attention is this Land Ahoy creation by Ralf Ranghaal. This potential kit offers a fairly new overall build that assembles a miniature vignette of a ship exploring the seas. The most unique aspect of it though, isn’t the intricate details or interesting use of the parts, but the arched design that gives it a real presence on the screen.

More than 6,700 manufacturers hope one day to have the chance to assemble this model now. And with over 725 days left, there’s a good chance we’ll see that July highlight enter the LEGO Ideas review process in the near future.

Spartan helmet

For the last time in July, we take a look at this unique Spartan helmet from builder Delusion Brick. LEGO busts and helmets have been a recent and quite popular addition to the current lineup, although most of them have focused on licensed properties like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. Seeking to capitalize on this popularity with a different approach, this Spartan helmet assembles the iconic gold brick helmet with all the flair expected.

This attention to detail seems to have paid off so far, as more than 3,000 fans have noted that they would like this to become an official set. And with over 540 days left to get there, chances look good we might see this one being considered by the LEGO Group.

Future LEGO Ideas kits to look forward to

July also saw the entry of a few fan-made projects into the coveted 10,000 Fan Club. While we are still awaiting the verdict on the last round of LEGO Ideas Review earlier this month, there is now a pretty impressive list of builds that garnered the required votes. Here are all the projects that were blocked for July.

As always, if you ever want to bring any of these creations highlighted in July’s Best LEGO Ideas to your own collection, be sure to head over to each of the projects pages to give your vote of support.

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