Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Personal payday loans: what you need to know


The personal payday loan is a form of financing granted to private individuals by a banking or financial institution, which allows a customer to obtain a sum of money on commitment to return it in installments within a pre-established period.

Non-finalized loans

Non-finalized loans

Personal payday loans fall into the category of “non-finalized” loans, that is, they are not directly linked to a particular purchase of a product or service and provide for the application of fixed or variable interest and the costs / charges indicated in the APR

If you are planning to apply for a loan, it would be good to also evaluate the possible debt and the relapse of the same within the monthly family budget, also because do not forget to consider the monthly installment to be incurred and the overall cost of the loan. Is it a sustainable financial commitment net of rent, bills, various expenses already considered monthly?

Loan between 18 to 70 of age

Loan between 18 to 70 of age

A loan can normally be requested by anyone aged between 18 and 70 and is usually granted to anyone who demonstrates a “repayment ability” that takes precisely into account all the monthly commitments and payments that we mentioned earlier. The ability to repay the amount paid is usually demonstrated by showing the employee’s paycheck, the tax return for the self-employed person and the pension slip in the case of pensioners.

In the event that it is not possible to prove your eligibility to repay the loan with your paycheck or your tax return, a personal guarantee from a third party able to commit to pay in the event of default by the contractor may be required. The third party must also provide documentation in support of its financial strength and therefore repayment capacity.

Anyone who intends to take out a loan should carefully evaluate various offers, also and above all from agencies at the local level, in order to be able to carefully choose the most convenient one: as regards, for example, loans and loans in the area of ​​Pesaro, Riccione and Rimini we recommend that you contact specialized agencies such as Astro Finance, a financial company with SIGLA srl mandate, for the transfer of the fifth, salary and pension.

In the event of a delay or even a default in the payment of one or more installments, the pre-established and due interests are increased with the application of a late payment (additional interest) and the loan applicant is reported to the credit protection bodies (central risk, databases). In this way the credit reputation of the customer undergoes a negative change and can compromise any future initiatives.

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