Pokemon TCG Object Watch: Developing Skies In August 2022 I realized that Pokemon TCG would be more popular

The Pokemon TCG is an unpredictable and constant market. Since the years have passed, we have had a resentment in the hobby, since the 25th anniversary, the strong sets of the Sword & Shield era, as well as the superb alternative arts, the influencers, the box break, the lock COVID-19 as we yearn to become friends. There was a time when readily available items and maps quickly became hard to find. Now that the hype is setting in, let’s see where modern sets are at. Every month I will make a Pokemon TCG video game. This series is not financial advice, but rather a way to help collectors identify the card’s availability trajectory so Pokemon finishers like me know when to strike. Let’s see how the Evolving Skies Sword and Shield, which was originally released in August 2021, is now sorted.

The Evolving Skies continues the map and logo. Credit Pokemon tCG

Here is the most popular Pokemon TCG card here: Sword & Sky moving with a shield, with market value, at the time of this writing, TCGPlayer:

  • Umbreon VMAX 215/203 alternate art: $322.26.
  • Rayquaza VMAX Alternative Art 218/203: $234.17.
  • Glaceon VMAX Alternate Art 209/203: $1244.55.
  • Sylveon VMAX Art.
  • Leafeon VMAX, art. 205/203: $133.41.
  • Dragonite V Alternate Art 192/203: $82,622.
  • Utilities v (alpha in April) 189/203: $79.51/moon.
  • Rayquaza V: Art 194.
  • Espeon, art. 182/203, $52.01.
  • Leafeon V Formal Art 167/203: $51.59.
  • Sylveon V (other type) 184/203: $49.84.
  • Glaceon V Art #175/203: $48.60.
  • Rayquaza VMAX Rainbow Rare 217/203: $38.28.
  • Umbreon VMAX Rare 214/203: $32.06.
  • Noivern V Alternate Art 196/203: $28.33.
  • Sylveon VMAX Rainbow Rare 211/203: $26.86.
  • Alternate Art Duraludon VMAX 220/203: $26.41 (six dollars).
  • VMAX Red Rare 207/203 from Gyarados: $224.41.
  • Leafeon VMAX Rare 204/203: $18.72.
  • Umbreon V Full Art 188/203: $18.02.
  • This month, Sword and Shieldevolving Skies became more available in stores, yet prices for individual cards barely dropped. The biggest drop is the $7 drop on Umbreon V Alternate Art, but the ultimate chase card in the set, Umbreon VMAX Alt Art, has become more valuable.

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