The world’s first 3D nano art sculptures created from your images launched on Kickstarter


PLEASANTON, California, March 28, 2019 / PRNewswire / – e-skin Displays launches a world first, a process of creating on-demand, customizable 3D nano art sculptures to your imagination at an affordable price on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Users can send scanned images of portraits, romantic images, art, scriptures, greeting cards, invitations, events, etc. and e-skin will create beautiful and amazing Nano 3D sculptures from the digital image. The Nano 3D sculpture measures approximately 10 microns. In comparison, human hair is around 100 microns in size, so the carvings are very small and beautiful.

A spokesperson for e-skin said humans have used art to communicate from an early age for love, religious events, to commemorate an event or tell a story, etc. The art has evolved from cave paintings 45,000 years ago to sculptures, paintings, modern art and now Nano 3D Art, see

So what Nano-Art? “Nano art is a new artistic discipline at the intersections of art-science-technology. It presents nano-landscapes (molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at the molecular and atomic scale) and nano-sculptures ( structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes)

e-skin is an expert in nanotechnology and an authority on plasmonics and uses this expertise and ultra-fast laser technology to manipulate materials to create Nano 3D art. The e-skin spokesperson said they have decided to launch the campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds for the development of Nano 3D art based on Nano technology, and other paintings, screens, etc.

E-skin displays ( invented e-skin Paint, the world’s first structural, angle-independent, plasmonic-based color display / paint, see e-skin Displays won the Merck Display Futures award as the most innovative idea for 2016, see Korea Hours ( The e-skin Display technology article was a nature cover story. The technology is a recipient of the prestigious NSF Technology Grant. Our technology has been covered extensively by BBC News, NBC, Popular Science, broadcast on TV, etc.

The crowdfunding campaign will be available for 60 days. Users can choose from various rewards for participating in the campaign.

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, visit 3D nano art (

For more information on e-skin screens, visit

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