This kinetic LEGO PACMAN sculpture opens and closes its mouth when you flip the lever!


With over 1,000 supporters, the Pac-Man Kinetic Sculpture is on its way to being picked up by the LEGO team and turned into a buyable / buildable kit.

The LEGO IDEAS Forum is perhaps one of the most notable examples of a well-functioning meritocracy. The forum exists for master LEGO builders to upload and pitch their bespoke design ideas, while the collective LEGO community votes for their favorite designs. As votes accumulate, the top ranked designs have the opportunity to be produced in real on-shelf kits that anyone can buy. Today’s design is courtesy of master builder and retro-gaming fan LiteBricks. Entitled “Pac-Man Moving Display”, LiteBricks’ small kinetic sculpture is more than just a stand-alone static toy… it actually moves! With a rotating crank lever on the side (much like a jack-in-the-box), the Pac-Man Moving Display is a fun little interactive toy that features the familiar spherical character munching on pills with 4 ghosts. Turn the lever to the side and the ghosts move up and down, while Pac-Man’s mouth also moves vertically, just like in the video game!

Designer: LiteBricks

LiteBricks’ design idea includes a total of 1,603 LEGO pieces, including the Pac-Man minifigure, red / pink / blue / orange ghosts, 4 blue ghosts, 4 ghost eyes, 3 pellets, 1 power pellet, the display, the crank rotation mechanism and 5 figurine supports. The manual crank on the side of the stand moves Pac-Man’s mouth and alternates the up and down movement for 4 adjacent characters, meaning you can create your display in a variety of styles and formats, using no no matter which of the characters. Scroll below to see the LiteBricks concept GIFs in action and I challenge you not to ring the WOCKA-WOCKA when you see them moving!

You can click here to vote for the “Pac-Man Moving Display” idea on the LEGO IDEAS forum. It takes a total of 10,000 votes to go from concept to reality, and voting is free and open to everyone.

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