TW Fine Art presents “Sky’s The Limit”


TW Fine Art is pleased to present Sky’s The Limit, a group exhibition featuring paintings and illustrations by Alberto Pazzi, Roger Allan Cleaves, Carles Garcia O’Dowd and Spencer Chalk-Levy. The show explores the unique cosmogony of each of the four artists as they construct new, idiosyncratic worlds through their work. The exhibition highlights the influences that inform artists’ approach to world building and storytelling, from their personal lives and past experiences to their creative inspirations. Sky’s The Limit will be on view from October 19 to November 28, 2021, with an opening event on October 19 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Each of the artists in the exhibition tackles the idea of ​​world building with its perspective, process and aesthetic. Alberto Pazzi is known for his autographic illustrations and paintings and his penchant for bubble gum pink paper. Through recontextualized pop culture motifs, Pazzi shares pastiches of his own lived experiences through surreal scenes. His character-laden pieces stretch the mind to imagine impossible configurations of places, people and things. Roger Allan Cleaves takes a more narrative approach; his work centers on “The Land of the Forget Me Nots”, which imagines a fictional multiverse as a way to examine social themes, fantasy and epic adventures through the prism of Afrofuturism. In his work, he creates and populates new worlds that balance questions of artistic expression and sociological ideas through storytelling. Carles García O’Dowd takes us to “Eden”, a land populated by “topoids” and “yoyos”. GOD. adopts an imaginary pop cosmogony that gives him space to examine and critique the contradictions present in neoliberal societies. His drawing and printmaking work is heavily influenced by his experiences with activism, counterculture, pop music, and cartoons. Spencer Chalk-Levy will present his work at TW Fine Art for the first time with this exhibition. His designs represent expressive casts of figures who feel both contemporary and Renaissance inspired. Spencer will launch his “Batalion 102” series and another series depicting a high-end Viennese brothel from different angles.

When these artists are exhibited together, their works offer possibilities for alternative and competing universes, sparking new conversations about the generating potential of visual art in bringing about tangible change. Sky’s The Limit aims to prove that a better world is possible – if only we can envision it.

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